The Psychology Of Makeup: Why Women Wear It

A trained makeup artist shares her thoughts on the psychology of makeup and why women choose to wear it.
I can’t speak for all women, but as a trained makeup artist and a makeup lover and wearer of over two decades, I do have something to say about why women wear it.

Allow me to share with you my philosophy on the psychology of makeup.

When I studied Early Childhood Development in college, it was not uncommon for children as a young as preschool age to admire my painted nails and to request that theirs be painted, too.

Feeling Good in Our Skin

As time goes on, most of us begin to settle in our ways when it comes to makeup. We develop routines, must-have products, and what we consider to be “essentials.” While some women prefer to be completely natural and wear no makeup at all, others will not leave the house without a bit of mascara or their favorite lipstick, and others goe even further and have permanent makeup, so they effectively wake up with makeup!

Feeling Attractive

Many women feel that wearing makeup makes them more attractive, and they often feel more confident while wearing it. In fact, according to Psychology Today, a 2016 study revealed that, on average, men were more likely to approach women who were wearing makeup as opposed to those who were not. As a female,I can surely attest to that as I get a lot more attention when I am wearing make up compared to when I go out without it.

The Desire to Look Young

Eventually, as we begin to reach our 30s and beyond, products are marketed to us that promise the fountain of youth to reverse the signs of aging or to at least temporarily mask them or cause them to retreat. Whether they work or not, perhaps we would like to believe they do and will use them either way, just like we believed we transformed into “big girls” the moment we put on Mummy’s lipstick.

Affordable Luxury, Even in Hard Times

Another reason why women wear makeup is because a good tube of high quality lipstick in a color that makes her look and feel beautiful can easily be found almost anywhere from just a few pounds for cheap drugstore brand, and therefore it is a relatively inexpensive luxury that we can still treat ourselves to, even in times of economic hardship. And if it makes us feel better about ourselves and more attractive, then why not!