The Diy Face Lift

Skincare and make up tips for women who are looking for anti-ageing solutions without turning to cosmetic surgery.

A step by step beauty guide that includes latest skin care innovations and tips and tricks from celebrity make up artist Louise Dartford so you can look younger without going under the knife.

Step 1: Discover an even skin

When skin is more even-toned, you look younger said Sheridan, of A major concern for women of all ages and nationalities is hyper-pigmentation also known as dark spots or age spots, a sign of premature aging.

Clinique has spent 20 years researching and developing a product to help a large number of women. New Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is gentle yet as effective as a prescription-only product and contains no bleaching agents. For the first time ever women can buy this product without seeing a dermatologist. It encompasses a rare botanical extract, Dianella Ensifolia, an anti-oxidant that exfoliates resulting in skin brightness. According to a May 2010 Clinique press release, trials were conducted on women of 4 different ethnicities and 53% saw an improvement in skin tone after using it over a 12 week period. Not only can it be used on the face but other areas too like neck, chest and hands. New Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is available at all Clinique counters nationwide.

Step 2: Create a glow

For a radiant complexion try a semi-matte finish foundation, says Louise Dartford who was interviewed in May 2010. Louise is a celebrity make-up artist who has worked on Gemma Arterton and Jo Wood, a sheen gives a youthful look. Try Chanel Lift Lumiere, £34.74. According to Louise The secret is to use foundation sparingly. As you get older you need to use less make-up to achieve a natural look. The good news is that Chanel has developed this foundation for mature skins. According to the Chanel website the magic lies in the Liftopic complex that diffuses light, as if your skin has been airbrushed. It smoothes with camellia oil and reduces fine lines.

Step 3: Look lively

Using blusher can make you look youthful and younger, if you apply it on the apples a bit higher up on the cheeks, it can help lift the face advises Louise, tap the brush before applying to remove excess. Try By Terry Apple Glow, £26, its the perfect shade to brighten up the face.

Step 4: Cover redness

According to The Harley Medical Group in an April 2010 interview, broken capillaries in the cheeks are caused by rosacea, heredity, hormonal changes, obesity and UVA sun damage. A non intrusive treatment is IPL (intense pulsed light) lasers such as Aesthera PP X. A course of three to six sessions is usually required. Prevention is better than cure and the The Harley Street Medical Group suggest avoiding changes in temperature and heavy smoking and drinking. Louise says to cover broken veins use Laura Merciers Secret Camouflage concealer, which costs £25. Its in every make-up artists kit. Apply three strokes of each shade on the back of your hand, mix and add more light or dark to match your skin. Brush onto skin with light strokes and blend out with your finger.

Step 5: Reduce Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are caused by changing hormone levels, fluid retention, dehydration, heredity, allergies and aging, say The Harley Medical Group. Look out for specially designed eye patches drenched with age fighting ingredients. For sparkling eyes use Talikas Eye Compression Pads, £34. Made from post surgery technology, theyre clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 6: Define Your Eyes

Avoid shimmer eyeshadows as they highlight lines says Louise. Instead stick to long-wearing formulations that wont crease or sit in wrinkles. The eye area can become watery as we grow older so always opt for smudge resistant, waterproof products. The ideal solution is a base of waterproof cream eyeshadow like Shu Uemura Cream Eye Shadow in Beige, £18.50. This shade will go with most pale powder eyeshadows. Layering gives longevity so apply a neutral tone like, Bobbi Brown in Bone, £14.50 on top of the cream eyeshadow and contour in the socket area with a neutral brown like Omega from Mac Cosmetics, £11. Louise suggests using a dark eyeshadow with a flat liner brush to add a soft line along your lashes to emphasis your eyes without being too stark. Dampen your brush and push the shadow right into the roots of your lashes to add definition. Finish with 2 coats off a volume mascara.

Step 7: Boost your Lips
Lancome has just created LAbsolu Creme de Brilliance which is a rich and caring high shine lipstick that contains an anti-ageing molecule called Pro-Xylane. There are nine shades to choose from and the high shine appearance enhances the fullness of lips.