No Gym Mats In Your Home Gym? Make Sure You Do This To Look After Your Hardwood

If you are the type of home gym owner who prefers the feel of a solid wood floor in your gym then are few important care and maintenance tips that you need to follow in order to care for your hardwood floor and get the maximum life span out of your floor. There is no denying it, hardwood is among some of the most prized types of floors to have in a gym due to the fact that is extremely hard not to mention how good it looks. When in the setting of a gym, however, issues arise where placing protective mats on the floor may end up damaging the floor by causing the floor to discolor under the mat. Its for this reason that some people choose to not put protective rubber mats on top of their hardwood floors.

The other possible reason why some people prefer not to cover their hardwood floor with a protective mat is due to pure aesthetics, they want to keep a nice clean flowing look throughout the house. If thats the case with your home gym then fear not because you are not the only one. There are a few things that you can do that will protect your floor while at the same time still get the enjoyment of an uncovered hardwood floor.

Lets first discuss the possible dangers of not having your hardwood floor covered with a protective rubber mat. First of all, there is the obvious danger of falling weights damaging your floor. Then there is the other issue of scratching your floor from dust build-up. To prevent the damage that may happen from weights falling on the floor, consider using two pieces of thick foam on either side of the bench when working out. The pieces of foam are not set in place, they will protect the floor from a falling weight, they can be removed when not in use, and therefore will not fade the floor over time.

In regard to the second issue regarding scratching the floor due to dust build-up, the best solution to that is to frequently dry mop the gym floor using a Dredge microfiber mop so as to keep and sand and grit to an absolute minimum. Remember that sand and dust on the floor act like sandpaper and when you walk on the floor with a bunch of dust on it, you will scratch it.