Best Ways To Maintain A Clean Beard

Ask any guy what their primary challenge is once their beard gets long, and it invariably involves a food product. Trying to eat soup or cereal is almost impossible without some dripping.

Even men with shorter beards can encounter issues with cleanliness. If you do woodworking, have a career in construction, or manage landscaping duties, then environmental debris gets stuck to your face every day.

Trying to comb out the mess can be a painful, messy task. That’s why knowing how to maintain a clean beard is essential knowledge for all guys.

Use Natural Shampoo to Wash Your Beard

If you use shower gels or bar soap to wash your beard stop. Not only can you dry out your skin by using these items, but you are also stripping the hair of its natural oils. Use a natural shampoo instead that clears out the sweaty odors without taking away what it needs for superior health. The best products are sulfate- and preservative-free.

Keep Your Beard Properly Hydrated

Beards become shiny and soft when they receive a correct level of conditioning and hydration. That means you need to get enough water to drink each day. Then make sure that you’re using an oil product that can moisturize your skin and penetrate each follicle. It only takes a few drops that you massage into the base of your beard to have a successful result. If you live in a dry area, this practice should be part of your daily routine.

Trim the Split Ends

One reason why stuff gets caught in your beard involves the fraying of your follicle ends. Instead of using a trimmer to maintain a healthy look, guys need to use a pair of sharp scissors. Although it takes more time to shape your style by hand, more control equates to fine-tuning the final presentation. If you follow the natural contours of your face while brushing out the loose hairs, you’ll create a positive outcome.

Wear Protective Equipment When Necessary

Some occupations require a beard guard to prevent it from getting into stuff. No one wants to see a random hair in their gazpacho! If you have protective equipment that can stop environmental debris from sticking to your face, then take the option to wear it. Dirt can’t get into your beard if it doesn’t reach it.

A clean beard reflects how you care for yourself in other ways. By taking time to maintain your routines, a little soup drip won√Ęt seem like such a big deal.

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