Tips For Your Skin Care Regimen

A good skin care regimen starts at home. If you have the budget, it is also ideal to have your skin treated regularly at a spa. If a high end spa is not in your budget, you can often get heavily discounted facials at a beauty school or training center if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

Toner needs to be in your skin care regimen

This is a very common thing that I hear all the time I need Toner in my skin care regimen. Many people dont know that alcohol-based toner removes natural oils. This is not good. Breakouts occur when your skin is in an excess of oil, but natural oils are healthy and ok. If you use an alcohol-free toner you can still get that feeling that many love from alcohol-based toners.

You need to spend a ton on skin care

You can definitely save money in skin care and beauty in general. You can save those more expensive products like retinol for leaving on instead of washing them down the sink. Minimizing your product usage can save you application time and a lot of money.

Clean your hands before your face

A lot of people wash their face with their hands. If you use a washcloth or something like it to clean your face, this tip is useless to you. If you use your hands to clean your face, you need to make sure your hands have been washed and are clean. When your hands arent clean, and you wash your face you rub that bacteria from your hands directly into your skin. This has a completely adverse effect on your skin while cleaning. The bacteria from your hands, when rubbed into your skin, causes breakouts that nobody wants! Take the few extra minutes and wash your hands before cleaning your skin.

Change that old pillowcase

When you sleep your pillowcase collects a lot of the oil, grime, and dirt from your face and hair. While sleeping you toss and turn which causes a lot of grime to fall out of your face and hair which then lands right on your pillow case. Every night you lay your head down on your pillow case and lay in the dirt and grime from the night before. As long as you wash your hair before bed and keep your cleanliness up, changing your pillowcase every week should do the job. When you keep a clean pillow case you avoid the risk of that dirt and grime getting back on your skin thus causing breakouts.

Burning is not a sign of a product working

A lot of times we relate pain with progress, but with skin care this is simply not the case. In things like working out the term No pain no gain is tossed around but this saying does not apply to skin care. When applying a skin care ingredient sometimes a little bit of tingling occurs but burning and pain is not a sign of making progress. If you feel burning you might have an allergy to an ingredient in your product, or you may have sensitive skin. If you have a reaction to a product that feels weird, remove that product. If your reaction does not clear up in a couple minutes you should contact your dermatologist.