You Don’t Have To Live With Your Cellulite

don't put up with cellulite

Cellulite has always been a concern for both women and men. However, more women experience this condition because the appearance of cellulite is highly connected to blood circulation. When estrogen runs low on a woman’s body, blood circulation can be affected and this lessens the elasticity of the skin.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition where fatty tissues in the body push against the layer of connective tissue just beneath the skin. When fatty tissues successfully push through this layer, it creates a lumping effect which is similar to an orange peel. This is why cellulite is also called “orange peel skin”.

A lot of people mistake cellulite as an effect of having a lot of excess fat. But this is only a misconception because just because someone has a lot of fat does not necessarily mean that they have a lot of fatty tissues. You also have to take into account the elasticity of the skin since if one’s skin is elastic, fatty tissues will have a hard time pushing against the connective tissue layer.

Ways To Reduce Cellulite

The bad news when it comes to cellulite is that it can be genetic. There are people who are born with loose connective tissues that make them prone to having cellulite. For these people, getting rid of cellulite can be a lot harder than usual.

But the good news is that there are a lot of ways to reduce cellulite even if it means getting treatment. Because cellulite has always been one of the beauty concerns of a lot of people, clinics and companies alike have created different ways to reduce orange peel skin. Here are some of those ways.

1. Coffee scrub

Coffee is famous in the beauty department because it is a prominent ingredient to reduce cellulite. A coffee scrub can be bought in stores or can be made at home using a cup of ground coffee beans, 3 tablespoons brown sugar, and water. Just mix these all together and you have a scrub that you can apply on trouble areas like the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. Coffee scrubs are helpful for improving blood circulation.

2. Detox baths

Detox baths can be done at home or in a clinic. A detox bath flushes out toxins in your body and it helps break down fatty tissues so that they don’t push against your connective tissues. One of the most common ingredients for detox baths is seaweed which is a natural exfoliator that helps in proper blood circulation.

3. Cellulite Creams

If you plan on applying cellulite creams, you first need to know that they are not always effective. Like any other product, you have to look at the ingredients to make sure that they have cellulite-fighting substances. The best cellulite creams often have caffeine, retinol, and antioxidants in their mixture.

These simple ways help prevent cellulite by promoting blood circulation. Although they take time, you can still turn to medical treatments that will deal with cellulite. Don’t worry, there are a lot of ways to get rid of orange peel skin.