Tricks To Weight Loss And Flat Tummy For Women

Using a waist trainer is one of recommended methods of losing weight and flat belly in women. It induces sweating and compression on the waist. The following are tips on how to use your waist trainer to achieve better results.

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– It should fit tightly on your waist

This pulls the waist to attain the required compression on the belly. On the first day you can wear it for at least 2hrs.However, this is adjusted as per individual needs .

When doing this, ensure you are comfortable and you dont feel your waist has been tighten too much. Listen to your body and it will adapt to it as soon as possible.

– Practice good timing

This is essential because it brings about consistency. You should increase the time with intervals of 2-3hrs as you increase your waist training.

The principle behind this is that the longer you wear your waist trainer the sooner you notice the results. However, while doing this, it is advisable not to sleep with the trainer on.

– Observe proper eating habits

Most bellies are as a result of poor diet lifestyle. While you are on the training avoid chunk food that has high cholesterol levels.

You will also realize that the amount of food that you eat will reduce because the stomach is constricted. This is normal and healthy and it contributes to weight loss.

– Take regular measurement of your waist

It is important to track your progress by taking measurements. Use a tape measure and record it on a book as you compare if there was any change. Do this consistently and intensify the training to achieve your goals.


Body shapers is a natural way that flattens the belly making the waist line protrude thus attaining a smaller figure. They compress the stomach around the diaphragm hence it is not possible to take full breath. The following is are points to note.

– Wear comfortable and lose clothing

This is important because of intense sweating. It is advisable to wear rubberised clothing when exercising to allow you to breathe well sweats to escape.

-Practise stomach vacuum

This is achieved by sucking in your utilizes the abdominal muscles to achieve the results especially transversus abdominis which is responsible for flattening of the belly.

– Observe safety

Body shapers is associated with shallower breaths. Therefore, ensure that the shaper that you are using is made of recommended fabric.

You should also be in a stationary position so that you dont end up feeling weak and dizzy due to in-sufficient oxygen